Discovery Session

Here I'll ask questions, challenge assumptions, and surface the most important insights so I can pack it all up into a strategy.

General information

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Brief background or brand story, what the business does, vision.
What do you want to achieve by implementing this.
From your perspective, what's keeping you from achieving your goals.
Increase revenue or sales by X% monthly, new leads, subscriptions, followers...
Name them and provide links if possible.

Target Audience

The next section will allow me niche down your target so the brand, designs and communication are laser focused on the customers that are more likely to commit, so you don't have to spend hard-earned money on ads with poor efficiency.
Group customers based on their behaviour, socio-economic traits, generation or location, in words that state demographic and behavioural terms. List the main 3 groups (it's ok if less than 3).
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Be sure that the target customer is actually a person and not a profession. Think tech-savvy middle-aged bookworms versus librarians. List people who exhibit behaviors instead of listing job titles to hone in on your target. This is the persona we'll base our creative solution on (Brief description of 2 user Personas).

Facts about your business/brand

The next questions will help me conduct further research on your brand so I can get a comprehensive picture of it within the market.
Web domain, Instagram profile, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel.
Name the best one(s)
List the main thing(s).

Features & Benefits

A feature is most times a physical tangible characteristic and the benefit is often an intangible result of that physical feature.
List as many as you can
List as many as you can


Write what you would like the target to take away from the communications and not headlines, taglines, or body copy. It doesn’t have to sound polished here.

Style Exploration

These questions will help me align the design style with the brand, strategy and message further in the process.
The main 3 (it's ok if less) and provide links if possible
List specific feelings you want to evoke in your target audience.
List as many as you want.
Anything you feel relevant regarding this project.
Discovery Session by Ken Nagamine
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